Mission, Vision e Values

Missão My Change


MY CHANGE seeks to market a very experienced action in support of Change Management and Strategic Alignment in several segments, ranging from the individual to the team or the organization as a whole, in any geography.


“Your first choice when you want to Change”

We want to be in all the challenges of strategic transformation of organizations, building with their people in a positive and innovative way, the future they aspire.
We want to be the reference for the commitment we made to add value to the transformations to help be more agile and have positive results (in numbers and in people).
We want to be increasingly global, be present in other geographies and in all sectors, with our expertise and ability to differentiate ourselves.
We want to be at the forefront of innovation and strategic approach to Change Management.



“Acting with integrity and ethics, always!” – Be a Trusted Advisor of each client. Track their change strategies, whether individual or collective. Establish strong partnership relations with organizations, including the leaders, teams and employees.


“Reinventing and introducing new forms of relationship with the market” – Focusing on Innovation as a growth engine of organizations, continually looking for a distinctive positioning in the way we work and how we relate with our customers. We develop relationships with customers. Making Customers Grow, Growing with them.
Be tireless in seeking an ambitious position in Customer Service.

Focus on Business

“Being a partner that gives agility and speed!” – Always intervene to add value to the business of our customers. Acting through the People because they are the ones that drive the business. Decide and act respecting all the stakeholders.

Sharing and Cohesion

“Having pride in being My Change!” – Build a working team of which we are proud – it is our team! Communicate and share the challenges, celebrate successes and build solutions with the commitment of all. Manage projects where everyone feels that their individual Mission is in direct relation to the company’s Mission.

Open Minded, optimism and humor

“Developing optimism in a relaxed atmosphere!” – Help to rethink, challenging routines, allow for discontinuity as a stimulus for greater flexibility and proximity to the needs of our customers. Refuse prejudices and question the status quo of Consulting. Doing things differently. Working with enthusiasm and positive attitude.


MY CHANGE social responsibility publicly reflects the commitment to develop and implement strategies responsible with the community. This commitment is voluntary and fully includes the code of values and conduct of MY CHANGE. We propose to support actions of social, educational and environmental nature, to promote continuous improvement and self-sustainable society, quality of life, with particular emphasis on the surrounding community. We believe that social responsibility is also an internal and external valuation factor of MY CHANGE, with the enrichment and personal satisfaction it provides to its employees.