23 February, 2023

In this brand new year, we want to keep working together and helping your People grow!

As a product of the rising adoption of new technologies, the demand for diverse training is exponentially growing. In fact, 2023 will not be an exception: the online education market has surpassed the € 167 billion mark in 2019 and it is predicted to reach the € 209 billion mark in 2023.

MY CHANGE has kept up with the market and has adopted this new training format. Now you can count on us to create your Organization’s e-learnings!

Helping your People and their competencies grow has never been easier: it is just a click away! Anywhere, anyplace, with any device, your colleagues will be able to learn in an interactive and dinamic new way!

Asynchronous training through e-learnings promotes work flexibility and is an excelent way to mix good time management and the sharing of knowledge.

Become the owner of your own development. Get in contact with us so we can find the right solution for your People!